Tuesday, December 16, 2008


This past weekend I spent in NYC with my very good friend Sam and others. It was the coldest trip ever! To begin Friday was spent checking in a dropping our bags at the hotel. From there we went to Serendipity. Waited 3 hours! Not worth it! By the time we all sat down, we are so grumpy , tired and HUNGRY! Not a pleasant lunch. From there it was the usual Rockefeller Center and off to a show. CHICAGO! It was a great show. I love to see shows in NY on Broadway. That is always my highlight. I would do that the whole time if it was not so expensive.

Saturday was freakin' cold!! The signs told us 27 but that was not the wind chill factor. I am from Florida and do not own things that would make the weather comfortable. So it was sooooo uncomfortable. IT HURT!! It is nice to have a Starbucks on ever corner. Duck in to have something warm. Lunch was at my favorite pizza joint. It is a little whole in the wall place in Brooklyn. It is packed out from the minute they open until closing. We waited 20 minutes before they opened to get a table. It is one of the original coal burning ovens in NYC. It makes a difference with the pizza. They serve pizza and that is all. That is my food highlight! The rest of the time was spent shopping, window gazing, and yes more eating. I love this trip and hope to do it again next year. Any takers?


Missy said...

Wow! That sounds so awesome!
Did you ice skate in Rockefeller plaza too?
I want to go some year for the parade.
Glad you had a good time!

Texas Aggie in Florida said...

Me, me, me! I want to go!!! Take ME!!!

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